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Throughline provides strategic planning, exhibition and educational program development, and grant-writing, for artists and organizations. 

We bring a keen understanding of how to balance constituent expectations with resource constraints while keeping true to core principals.

We believe every project is a vital opportunity to inspire people to make the world a better place, no matter how big or small, how flashy or understated.

Our approach is collaborative and hands-on, guiding collaborators and stakeholders to optimize audience experience.


Cultural institutions are critical members of our civil society, making life better for all of us. As preservers and interpreters, they connect people with culture, history and one another, helping us better understand our own stories to improve our communities.


Collaboration and open exchange is the bedrock of success. Each project is born from the ability of its participants to bring their best to the process by learning from one another in the pursuit of a common goal. 


Every project must be seen as a challenge to do something important. Even the most esoteric or niche topic can provoke a revelatory experience that can change a person’s worldview. 

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